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4 Big Reasons to Choose ATS Tech Solutions, Inc to Support In Gainesville


Experienced Leadership and Vision: At ATS Tech Solutions, under the guidance of President John Madigan, a GA Tech mechanical engineering graduate with extensive corporate experience, we've crafted a client-centered IT support ethos. We don't chase hyper growth; instead, we focus on building steady, reliable relationships with each client, ensuring consistent service quality.


Predictable Growth and Employee Satisfaction: Our approach to growth is methodical and stable, allowing us to scale our services without sacrificing quality. This strategy results in a rewarding work environment for our team, ensuring that our clients always interact with motivated, satisfied professionals.


Expertise in Tailored IT Solutions: With over 23 years of refining our IT processes and practices, we specialize in serving businesses with 10 to 100 employees. Our expertise lies in strategic technology management, providing stable, secure, and reliable services. We keep your systems running smoothly, protect your data, and ensure rapid recovery in case of any technological mishaps.


Comprehensive Disaster Recovery: We understand the importance of data security and system reliability. Our team is always ready to support your business in the face of challenges, ensuring minimal downtime and quick recovery from any unforeseen events. Trust us to be your resilient IT backbone in Gainesville.

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Features of Our Gainesville IT Support Services That Will Help Boost Productivity With Clients And Efficiency Across The Workplace

Managed IT Services

Round-the-clock monitoring, proactive maintenance, and robust security defense of your servers and workstations for a flat-rate fee.


Prevention, detection, and response - ATS Tech Solutions utilizes all three in our cybersecurity strategy for protecting your business from the ever-growing risks of the online, data-driven world.

Cloud & Office 365

Experience substantial boosts in productivity when your team can collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device.

Backup/Disaster Recovery

Custom-made recovery procedures so you can quickly resume operations after natural or man-made disasters.

Enhance Efficiency With ATS Tech Solutions, Inc IT Support in Gainesville

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient technology management is crucial. At ATS Tech Solutions, we believe in not just providing IT tools but also in their knowledgeable application to enhance your business operations. Our team in Gainesville is dedicated to ensuring that your technology infrastructure is robust, secure, and consistently performing at its best. With our support, you can focus on growing your business, confident in the knowledge that your IT needs are in expert hands.

With ATS Tech Solutions, you're choosing a partner that values long-term relationships, prioritizes consistent service delivery, and provides a comprehensive approach to IT management. Let us be the driving force behind your technological efficiency in Gainesville.

See What Other Businesses In Gainesville Are Saying About Us…

The ATS Team acts as if they are “employees” of the company

ATS has provided IT support to our company since 2011. I have been impressed because their Engineers act as if they are “employees’ of the company and take ownership of situations. Their whole staff is approachable and treat users respectfully no matter how simple their problem. ATS has always been able to support us with our 24/7 schedule to keep production systems running. A system outage at 1am or 6 pm, someone is always on the job.

Angella Waisner IT Manager
AEC Narrow Fabrics

They always go out of their way to keep us up and going

I don’t think enough companies take the time, but I wanted to personally tell you that you have an incredible staff. Especially with regards to Jeremy, Jake and Lindsay. They have always went out of their way to keep us up and going, and that’s with me completely understanding we do last minute requests. Please let them know any way possible we appreciate the personal attention, it honestly keeps us in a relationship with you guys.

M. Simon Wilkes Operations Manager

They reduce “IT Stress” and fix issues in 1/2 the time

For the 10+ years I have worked with ATS, they have continued to improve their response times while providing personal attention to the customers’ needs. They handle issues quickly though their remote support help desk and will dispatch engineers on site if needed. For a company that might be on the fence about choosing ATS to manage their network – I would say: Try them for a year – see if you don’t find a reduction in problems as well as total costs – your employees with have less IT Stress.

Jerry Bean President
Computer Doctors of NE Georgia