Fast response and knowledgeable — takes care of the details!

Over the many years that ATS has managed our network, we’ve loved having a local company that responds promptly when we have a problem. Everyone we have worked with there is knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Besides being prompt in fixing any technology-related issues that crop up unexpectedly, ATS also oversees our licensing and equipment renewal through their “Technology Management Agreement.”

Our previous IT company did not keep up with our licensing (unbeknownst to us), which created all kinds of problems for us, so we really appreciate the fact that they are looking out for our company even when our day-to-day operations are running smoothly. You can’t go wrong with ATS! They’re local, smart, and do what they say they’ll do! What more could you ask for?

Amy Lawson
Executive Administrative Assistant
J. Lawson & Associates LLC.