Switching to ATS is the best decision we have made!

ATS is a very honest, hardworking company with set contract prices for unlimited support without any surprises. From the first meeting, John and his staff are more sincere than any other IT company we’ve worked with. We always get what we pay for and are treated fairly on price. Now we have an IT company that truly has our best interest at heart and values us as a client. ATS rebuilt our entire network and put out tremendous effort to do what they said they would do to make us a more efficient and smooth running company. Our efficiency and technology has improved drastically with ATS support. Their customer service is exceptional.

Major change is hard sometimes, but switching to ATS is the best decision we could have made. As a growing and successful IT company with many staff members to support their clients, ATS still makes you feel like you are their best customer. ATS went above and beyond and gave us cell phone numbers to reach key people if necessary and to feel confident we made the right decision. The integrity of their organization is obvious from the top down. I have been in business for 16 years and ATS is the best IT Company I have ever worked with and is now one of our top vendors. It is difficult to put everything in just a few words but I will gladly give a reference to anyone thinking of switching to ATS. Feel free to contact me at 404-245-5296.

Bryan Shaw
Shaw Stainless and Alloy