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Born a tinkerer, encouraged by his parents to take apart and reassemble mechanical objects from an early age, ATS Tech Solutions, Inc President John Madigan first earned a mechanical engineering degree from GA Tech before pursuing a corporate career. His early employers taught him a lot about corporate culture, and shaped the business owner he’s become. He’s grateful for them, but he had a different vision for what an IT company should be: focused not on hyper growth at any expense, but on building relationships, slowly and steadily, by delivering expert, friendly, and reliable IT service to each client.

“ATS Tech Solutions grows at a very predictable rate each year. We’re able to staff up and service our clients without dips in service delivery,” says Madigan. “Our employees are well compensated and provided with a rewarding work environment. We like it this way. We like each other. We have fun.”


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Doctors have stethoscopes, CPAs have QuickBooks, and contractors have hammers. But real value lies in a professional’s knowledgeable use of their tools, not the tools themselves. If you think selecting an IT support company is all about comparing tools, think again.

ATS Tech Solutions, Inc have developed our IT best processes and practices over the course of 23 years. We work with businesses — usually ones with more than 10 and less than 100 employees — that are seeking strategic management of their technology, and products and services that are stable, secure, and reliable. We keep employees from complaining that their computers are always down, keep businesses’ critical data assets protected from cyber thieves and threats, and ensure quick recoveries if and when catastrophe strikes. “If something bad happens, we’ve got their back and are ready to recover from loss,” Madigan says. “It’s all about hiring the right team to deliver what you perceive as value.”

Our Core Values

The guiding principles by which we live and breathe.

Manage Clients’ Expectations - Not Tickets

We attract clients that invest in IT services. Clients expect productivity and results, and trust ATS Tech Solutions to deliver real value.

Treat Everyone with Respect

We treat people how we like to be treated.

TNT – Today Not Tomorrow

At ATS Tech Solutions, we meet and surpass our clients’ expectations on a daily basis.

Continuous Self-Improvement

At the end of the day, you’ll have more knowledge than when you started.

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