Our Clients

Switching to ATS is the best decision we have made!

ATS is a very honest, hardworking company with set contract prices for unlimited support without any surprises. From the first meeting, John and his staff are more sincere than any other IT company we’ve worked with. We always get what we pay for and are treated fairly on price. Now we have an IT company that truly has our best interest at heart and values us as a client. ATS rebuilt our entire network and put out tremendous effort to do what they said they would do to make us a more efficient and smooth running company. Our efficiency and technology has improved drastically with ATS support. Their customer service is exceptional.

Major change is hard sometimes, but switching to ATS is the best decision we could have made. As a growing and successful IT company with many staff members to support their clients, ATS still makes you feel like you are their best customer. ATS went above and beyond and gave us cell phone numbers to reach key people if necessary and to feel confident we made the right decision. The integrity of their organization is obvious from the top down. I have been in business for 16 years and ATS is the best IT Company I have ever worked with and is now one of our top vendors. It is difficult to put everything in just a few words but I will gladly give a reference to anyone thinking of switching to ATS. Feel free to contact me at 404-245-5296.

Bryan Shaw Owner/CEO
Shaw Stainless and Alloy

We don’t stress about our computers with ATS on our team

The biggest benefit to King Green in utilizing the services of ATS is that we can get back to doing what we do best, which is lawn care. We aren't computer or IT specialists, and it isn’t something we want to stress about. By having a company like ATS on our team, makes it easier to get back to doing business.

I can honestly say that we have not worked with another IT company. ATS is our first, and current. We haven't had any reason to shop the services and have been very pleased.

I would tell them to trust the product that ATS is selling and allow them to do what they do best, which is manage a companies’ IT needs.

Jennifer Jorge Chief Financial Officer
King Green

The ATS Team acts as if they are “employees” of the company

ATS has provided IT support to our company since 2011. I have been impressed because their Engineers act as if they are “employees’ of the company and take ownership of situations. Their whole staff is approachable and treat users respectfully no matter how simple their problem. ATS has always been able to support us with our 24/7 schedule to keep production systems running. A system outage at 1am or 6 pm, someone is always on the job.

Angella Waisner IT Manager
AEC Narrow Fabrics

Continually provide us with cost effective solutions

The single biggest benefit since partnering with ATS for our network support has be response time; however followed closely by reliability improvement. Response time is quick and a live person is always available to assist.

Working with ATS, we feel John and his team really care about giving us the best cost effective solution. Very creative, often assisting in areas well beyond the original scope, including building historical databases for new ERP implementation.

Walk in our server room! See what other so called ‘professionals’ accomplished with great brochures. Every company boost they are great, best or other superlatives; however reality is unfortunately far different.

ATS showed us how good they are, not with a brochure.

Ray Bitzel VP & GM
H-E Parts International - Construction Solutions

Fast response and knowledgeable — takes care of the details!

Over the many years that ATS has managed our network, we’ve loved having a local company that responds promptly when we have a problem. Everyone we have worked with there is knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Besides being prompt in fixing any technology-related issues that crop up unexpectedly, ATS also oversees our licensing and equipment renewal through their “Technology Management Agreement.”

Our previous IT company did not keep up with our licensing (unbeknownst to us), which created all kinds of problems for us, so we really appreciate the fact that they are looking out for our company even when our day-to-day operations are running smoothly. You can’t go wrong with ATS! They’re local, smart, and do what they say they’ll do! What more could you ask for?

Amy Lawson Executive Administrative Assistant
J. Lawson & Associates LLC.

Reliable, quick, professional

ATS is a company that is here to stay. ATS knows the details of our systems and can answer any questions we have quickly. ATS gives us the personal touch we did not find with other service providers. They are reliable, quick, and professional. Above all, we have become friends with the techs and office team.

Do it! The team at ATS is a partner right there with you for whatever you need, now and in the future. Call them today.

Mary H. Landry Chief Financial Officer
Specialty Tag & Label

They reduce “IT Stress” and fix issues in 1/2 the time

For the 10+ years I have worked with ATS, they have continued to improve their response times while providing personal attention to the customers’ needs. They handle issues quickly though their remote support help desk and will dispatch engineers on site if needed. For a company that might be on the fence about choosing ATS to manage their network – I would say: Try them for a year – see if you don’t find a reduction in problems as well as total costs – your employees with have less IT Stress.

Jerry Bean President
Computer Doctors of NE Georgia

They always go out of their way to keep us up and going

I don’t think enough companies take the time, but I wanted to personally tell you that you have an incredible staff. Especially with regards to Jeremy, Jake and Lindsay. They have always went out of their way to keep us up and going, and that’s with me completely understanding we do last minute requests. Please let them know any way possible we appreciate the personal attention, it honestly keeps us in a relationship with you guys.

M. Simon Wilkes Operations Manager

They respond in 10 minutes

"ATS provides one stop shopping for all your IT needs whether it be software, hardware or anything in between. They spend the time to explain issues to me and provide logical, easy to understand solutions. ATS typically responds to a request for help within 10 minutes, sometime even faster.

Susan Kitchel President & Owner
Universal Resources